Print Center & Incubators


 The Northwest Print Center & Incubators has access to a small auditorium to facilitate special programs that require seating for 50-100 people along with audio visual facilities needed to make educational and entertaining recordings for worldwide distribution to promote Seattle and its multimedia culture. Read more ...

19a Web stock photo with image of printmaking process pasted in on the big screen, suggesting illustrated presentations about printmaking techniques and history in an auditorium setting.
19b Web shot with image pasted in suggesting illustrated presentations on video game design and gamification in such as using casual games in art education.

Bill Ritchie spoke on February, 2015 at Town Hall, Seattle - a great auditorium, far bigger than is needed at the Seattle Printmakers Center. His talk was, "Hacking Rembrandt," and he plugged it in to show one idea what kinds of talks for the Seattle Printmakers Center. His talk was also about starting the Center.

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