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Lorraine Thiesen-Urquhart Studio


Mini Halfwood Press No. 5

Specifications: 2004. Mini Halfwood Press. Serial No. 60005. Walnut, ipe, steel, plastic, bronze.

Artist's Comment: Lorraine Thiessen and Ken Urquhart saw the first Daniel Smith Inc. demonstration in November of 2004. They chose to buy a press and I had No. 5 ready to pick up the next month. When she got it home she sent me a snapshot of her cats with it, with the title, "Cat Scan." Lorraine later answered my call for help, providing a digital camera for the first Chilean artist who got a Mini. We reconnected in 2018 and I made the photos above.


Lorraine with her Mini Halfwood Press No. 5, and her snapshot titled, "Cat Scan."

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