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Melissa Strawser Collection

Mini Halfwood Press No. 33

Specifications: 2008. Mariner Halfwood Press. Serial No. 60033. Black walnut, ipe, steel, plastic, brass and a wooden instrument box made of poplar, baltic birch with hardwood trim.

Artist's Comment: The original owner of #33 was Lynda Lanker who saw Mark Mahaffey's personal Mini at Mahaffey Fine Arts in Portland, Oregon. She decided to have a mini for trial-proofing her smaller plates. I made No. 33 for her. It was the first one with which I included a wooden instrument box. Five years later, in 2013, Melissa Strawser bought No. 33 from Lynda as she was forming her plan use it in her Young Printmaking Workshop. Melissa is a sculptor and printmaker with a website at

Young Printmakers Workshop

Composite from snapshots at Young Printmakers Workshops

Melissa uses her Legacy Mini Halfwood Press in workshop for kids, she's the best advocate in the USA for the inclusion of a small Halfwood Press for kids to have a printmaking experience above the norm. Two videos are on YouTube, below, plus she has a Facebook page at


This video captures one of Melissa's sessions giving kids a chance to try monotypes.


This video came when Melissa sent her brochure for viewing when I was advocating the
Northwest Print Center & Incubatros, as Young Printmakers is part of the plan.

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