Bill Ritchie's Work in the

Stephen Rock Collection

"Moibus" by Bill Ritchie

1997. Pencil, colored pencil on drypoint monoprint. 12 X 9 in. 

Artist statement: "I worked on a series of architectural plans for the tetrahedron that was to be the spacecraft of my fantasy woman-who-fell-to-earth. I was using engraving and drypoint on copper, and I was also drawing a twisted paper strip, a moibus curve. At the time I was going once a week to an open studio at George Woodall's. Stephen Rock was another regular artist there. At one of our sessions I was feeling very good about these open studios. I'd met Stephen the year before at the Daniel Smith Inc. open studios. I offered this print to Stephen, and he accepted it. Later I saw he'd framed it and it was hanging in a prominent part of his home."

Stephen Rock is an artist and designer. He can be contacted at

 Stephen's Wish List for the New Year, 2010:

  1. I want faith and optimism to replace fear and hopelessness.

  2. I want as a world we choose logic over passion, intelligence over habit and thoughtfulness over aggression.

  3. I want to see us change the way we engage the world and solve problems and witness the world responding in kind.

  4. I want agitators to clam up and enlightened people of the world to speak up.

  5. I want more love and less hate, more dreaming and less hand wringing, more food on hungry tables, more shelter for cold hearts, more forest for the critters and a world with more spirit and less religion.

  6. I want education and opportunities for everyone.

  7. I want a vision of free choice for all and a path to get there.

  8. I want new sources of energy and new choices of consumption.

  9. I want access to healthcare not bombs, art materials not war toys, live entertainment not American Idol.

  10. I want to invest in dreams rather than Wall Street and build dialog not walls.

  11. I want to know my streets are safe, my city working, my family and friends are healthy and my future secure.

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