Bill Ritchie Artwork in the

Kathy Rabel Collection

"Hangdown Target "

1969 Intaglio print, Impression Red, silver, ochre on natural buff paper chine colle'd. Image 8 3/4" X 12" on 12 1/2" X 16" Arches Cover. Edition of 5. Signed lower right. See also Lynda Ritchie and Jundt Art Museum Collections.

Artist's comment: "I'd made a series of targets and reflections, and it was the first year I started my video art period. About this time I acquired a lining tool (AKA 'liner') that made tiny, evenly spaced lines that reminded me of video raster lines. I also was perfecting the KPR photo-etching process. Last, I got a can of silver ink from Dan Smith. Chine colle I had learned from Stephen Hazel. All these things combined to yield my 'Hangdown Target.'"

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