Bill Ritchie art in the

Jerry Olson Gallery


"Ten Trombones"

1963. Stencil (Screenprint). Ochre, brown, red, blue, black, orange, purple. Image __ X __ in. on __ X __ in. sulfite cover stock paper. Un-numbered. Signed Lower right. Dr. Olson is among the earliest of Ritchie's Art patrons, and has several prints from the music series.

Artist comment: I don't know how many of this image--probably not more than half  a dozen since it was one of the most ambitious prints I created, and all of them were sold about the time I graduated from Central Washington State College. Professor Olson (now Emeritus)  was on the sociology faculty at that time. That college was small,  so there was a lot of healthy and provocative interaction among faculty from different departments. This was mixed with support for art students like myself--both in exchanging ideas and in purchases of the young artists' works. Support came from everywhere, an Dr. Olson bought several of mine. This print is part of the music series that I did in my years at Central. You can get more information at