A Bill Ritchie Artwork in the

Daniel Lowery Collection


Loop da Loo #000727

(Note: Mylar ink drawing not included in above  reproduction)

2000. Drawing, print, handwritten journal pages, facing, two sided. Black, violet, yellow, orange, red on white. Ink on mylar, ballpoint on lined notebook paper, watercolor printed by woodblock. 8 1/2 in. X 11 in. Signed Lower right.

Artist comment: For many days the summer of 2000 I carried a three-ring binder and wrote in the pages, using a daily spiral that emulated the passage of the hours in a looping form. Each hour I noted what I'd done. I cut woodblocks for the color. The inked Mylar line is a path I deduced from a study of the images in the film, "Planet of the Apes", and they were made originally for the "36 Views of the Locus of Beauty"--a video installation.

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