Bill Ritchie design work in Washington State
in the

Ethan Lind: Busker Etcher Collection

Mini Etching Press No. 27 with its Busker Etcher box - the photo was
made just before Ethan set up at his stall at the Pike Place Market.

Bill's comment: Ethan Lind dropped in one day in 2013 and described how he fixed up a rusty old etching press and was using it to show printmaking at the Seattle Center. We met off and on over the months, until we came up with idea of his being the Busker Etcher at the Pike Place Market in Seattle, entering in a strategic partnership to develop the Seattle Printmakers Center Incubators. Tom Kughler fixed up his old press, and I loaned him a Mini Etching Press to get started. In 2016 he bought the press.


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