Bill Ritchie Work in the

Dave Klugman Collection

Note: This is not actually No. 8 - image unavailable.

Mini Halfwood Press No. 8

2004. Mini Halfwood Press, Serial Number 60008. Wood, steel, plastic.

Mariner Halfwood Press No. 1

2004. Mariner Halfwood Press. Serial No. 120002. Mahogany, ipe, steel, plastic, brass.

Artist's Comment: Dave was the second person to buy his Mini Halfwood Press on E-bay. After he got his Mini then he wanted a Mariner. This prompted Tom, the steel wright, to build 3 versions of the Mariner. Number one was at first a direct drive, then he changed it to a 3:1 geared model, and later an 8:1. Dave bought No. 1 (the 3:1) in May, 2005. Later he allowed interested people to visit him when they wanted to see a Mariner; and he always gave positive reports.

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