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Laura Jackson Collection

Locus and Sea Squares

Specification: "Locus and Sea Squares ". 1982. Brownline print of wave squares, burnt, and relief target insert, light blue top grading into fire-red intaglio on blue-spotted tone Van Gelder Zonen paper. No. 102. Signed lower right.

Artist's statement: This print is from a series of 141 trial proofs and artist's proofs in "cycles" of around 15 each, and each in a different color combination. I made them in the processes of cyanotype, woodcut, and intaglio techniques. This one was the last in the edition and was the subject of the video (now on DVD); I gave it to David for his constant support of the poster project based on the series. The images are from three sources: A map of the Colorado River, at the Crossing of the Fathers; the leaf shape I call locus--the path of a moving point (drawn to establish data in a computer program);  Finally, The Great Wave was drawn from the famous print by Hokusai."

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