Selection from the C. E. Licka family art collection of works on paper by Bill H. Ritchie

“The Dirty Rembrandt”

5 7/8" x 3 7/8" Monoprint. Intaglio. Black line etching after Rembrandt with monotype "dirty" background over apricot-tone. Titled left and signed Lower Right imprinted by B. Ritchie. “One of the new printmaking business startups I began is Sip 'N Print, and people met to interact with printmakers. For the 2016 series at The Great Nabob Bar across 5th Avenue North (where my studio is located) I etched a plate after Rembrandt's iconic self-portrait. I purposely left black ink, and printed over a tone-plate background.”

Bill Ritchie' art in the C. E. Licka Collection - Alaska

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