Selection from the C. E. Licka family art collection of works on paper by Bill H. Ritchie

“Rembrandt with rusty background”

5 7/8" x 3 7/8" Monoprint. Intaglio. Black line etching after Rembrandt with rust-colored background tone and smudged border. Black stamped and Signed Lower Right. “His iconic ‘Self Portrait in a cap, open mouthed,’ selfie by Rembrandt van Rijn served as one of my etchings for the Sip 'N Print startup series in 2016. The first Sip 'N Print sessions, which is when people meet to interact with printmakers, started at Seattle's Great Nabob Bar across 5th Avenue North where my studio is located.”

Bill Ritchie' art in the C. E. Licka Collection - Alaska

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