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Ed Gaida Collection

Mini Etching Press for Ed Gaida
Ed's Mini Etching Press MEP60016 shown with the accessories plus a gift artwork by Bill Ritchie

Mini Etching Press Number 16

Specifications: 2014. Mini Etching Press. Serial No. mep60016. Specifications: Top and bottom rollers are 1.5 x 6 and 5.5 inches. The bed is 1/4 x 6 x 14.5 inch polycarbonate with steel rack; overall length is 15 inches; overall width is 9 inches; overall height is 10 inches; weight, about 13 lbs; hand-welded stainless steel drive wheel is 8 inches diameter. Bed is rack-driven, approximating a 3:1 mechanical advantage. Wood is solid American black walnut. Pressure screws are linked and synchronized. Includes chase, two etching felt blankets, user's manual and Allan wrenches for checking set screws.

Bill Ritchie 's comment: Ed emailed me in August, 2015 asking about timing to ship a press. We talked on the phone about his player piano rolls and music boxes. I described the scene in my novel, "Rembrandt's Ghost in the New Machine" when my time-traveler plays a music box built-in the traveler's Mini Halfwood Press for Rembrandt's little daughter, Cornelia. I sent Ed a gift print, "Homage to Hayter," which included a part of a piano roll alluding to the connection between printing and music as taught by S. W. Hayter.

More about Ed Gaita: Ed Gaida has a website where he offers "Picturolls" if and when they are available, plus many interesting facts about the automatic musical instruments he knows, including the John Smith organ construction of a small 20-note busker organ of which you can see examples on one of Ed's page links. I had fun pasting Ed's press in an old photo, below--promise of things to come?

Bill Ritchie Print Homage to Hayter  Busker Etcher
Left, Gift print to Ed. Right, altered photo with Ed's press with a busker-etcher.

About the gift print: Above, left, "Homage to Hayter" is a mixed media print. The image and color areas were printed from two birch blocks. The paper is cut from an antique piano roll and chine-colle'd to Japanese kitakata paper. The print is numbere T/PB (Trial Proof b) has the moment number mr0205261810 with the artist's signature. The image at the right is an altered photo from one of Ed's links.

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