Bill Ritchie art and design work in Washington State
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John Fairman Collection

Passive and active sides for John & Laurie Fairman's Galleon Halfwood Press

Galleon Halfwood Press No. 18

Ritchie's comment : John and Laurie returned from Hong Kong in July, 2017, and with friends paid a visit to our Mini Art Gallery and made a deposit on the press. John reminded me that he had been a student in my course at the UW, exactlty describing the art I was making those years. This is the second work the couple purchased - the first being a print from the Loci and the Sea Squares series of 1982.

Galleon Halfwood Press specifications: Serial No. 90018. Roller diameter 2 1/4" x 9" long, top and bottom. Bed is 5/16" polycarbonate, 9" x 26". The overall length is 27"; overall width is 13 3/4"; overall height is 15". Weight is 50 lbs.; Drive wheel is 12" diameter stainless steel and drives gears (concealed) and with rack-driven bed, approximates a 6:1 mechanical reduction. Styled in solid black walnut wood with wenge interlayer on the base' foots. The pressure screws are linked and synchronized. The press included three etching felts, user's manual, 5-piece Allen wrench set, and the designer's paperback semi-fiction book, "A Printmaker's Tale."

About Laurie and John: They recently closed their antique stores, Honeychurch, in Seattle and Hong Kong.

Other owners of a Galleon Halfwood Press are: Pat Austin, Josef Beery, Carol Brozman, Wendy Anne Crittenden, Gretchen Davidson, Ava Everett, Harold Foster, B. H. Giza, Chris Groves, Kirsten Horning, Cathy Immordino, China Kay, Joo Hee Kim, Gene Laughter (d) , Eva Mastandrea, Kristy Melgoza, Lyle Miller, George Otsuka, Scott Skinner,  Tom Smith, Jo Tyler, and Ann Van Oppen.

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Locus and the Sea Squares #75

Specification: 1982. Intaglio, and relief print. Printed with "Loci" plate printed in bottom. Graphite ink tined with stone-orange, light vermillion blend. On 21 1/2 X 15 in. Japanese etching paper. No.75, from variable edition of 141 prints. Signed lower right.

Artist's Statement: This print is from a series of 141 trial proofs and artist's proofs in "cycles" of around 15 each, and each in a different color combination. I made them in the processes of cyanotype, woodcut, and intaglio techniques. The images are from three sources: A map of the Colorado River, at the Crossing of the Fathers; the leaf shape I call locus--the path of a moving point (drawn to establish data in a computer program);  Finally, The Great Wave was drawn from the famous print by Hokusai."

Marnie Briggs  /  Buzz Pearson / David Prentice / David Lotz / David Bethlahmy / Tommer Peterson

A video, "Printing the Locus and the Sea Squares" is available on Youtube:

You can see this 24:40 minute "live" video of the process of Bill printing this print and the transcript is free: Transcript

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