Maria Arango Diener Collection


Legacy Mini Halfwood Press No. 47

Ritchie's comment: Maria saw the Legacy Mini Halfwood Press on eBay. Karen Dorcas, in Alaska, the original owner of Number 47, had decided to sell it, and I helped. Maria sent email and said that she had wanted one of the Minis for a long time. I knew Maria from her online project, "1,000 Woodcuts" and her DIY book on showing printmaking and selling prints at art fairs. Maria's Website is where you can buy her book - it's one of a kind!

Specifications: 2009. Mini Halfwood Press SN60047. Walnut, Ipe, purple heart and ebony trim with brass medallions. Instrument box is not shown.

See Number 47 tested, with the first owner's work (Karen Dorcas) artwork titled, "Blue Moose," on YouTube:

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