Bill Ritchie art in Washington State
in the

Sally and Dick Day Collection


1966. Intaglio, printed from etched, engraved copper plate. Black. Image 18 3/4 X 13 3/4 on 24 X 18 5/8 in Rives BFK. Numbered Proof. Signed and dated, lower right. Also in the Collections of Ken Auvil, GaryVesoja, Dona and Bob Anderson, Mary Stamper Lynam, Ritchie Family, the Woodinville School District and several anonymous collections.

About Sally and Dick Day: In all likelihood, Sally and Dick Day were among those who hosted Bill Ritchie when he was teaching a workshop in Anchorage, Alaska. No other information is available.

Artist's Comment: Both in images, symbols and technique, I collected these on to one plate as we resolved our stay in San Jose and began our move north to Seattle and the continuation of my chosen career. A little dead bird hung outside my window--it seems perverse, but it held a message for me and I etched it's image into my plate. Engraving came easier now, as playing an instrument must to a musician, I suppose.

Exhibitions: Central Washington University Exhbit, "Faculty Invitational Art Exhibition of Washington State Colleges and Universities," (1966); Four-man YMCA "New Faculty" show (1966); San Jose State University Alumni Invitational (1967); "Six," Group Exhbition, Henry Gallery, Seattle (1967); Otto Seligman Gallery, Seattle (1967-68); Society of American Graphic Artsists, New York (1967); Bellevue PNAC Fair (1967); Lakewood Artists Gallery, Tacoma WA (1967); Dulin National Print and Drawing Exhibition, Knoxville, TN (1967?).

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