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Tom Conrad Collection

WeeWoodie Rembrandt PressA'Design Award
The WeeWoodie Rembrandt Press before and after assembly

Specifications: Made in 2014. The DIY WeeWoodie Rembrandt Press is a model the 17th C. press used by Rembrandt, pre-cut and drilled for easy assembly and prints intaglio and relief blocks. A pre-carved relief block and felt blankets. See the 20-page comical user manual which comes with the press - click here. Does not include ink, paper, or printing inks. (See more on the Printmaking World website)

About Tom Conrad: Tom is a second-generation press designer and builder and, with his son, owns the Conrad Machine Company in Whitehall, Michigan - a 70-year old company which started producing etching presses in 1956. The company is the oldest printmaking press company in the United States and today manufactures not only the Conrad Press but also the American French Tool Press, the Rembrandt Press and the Brand New lines of presses - including lithograph presses. They offer all the kinds of equipment for a printmaking shop - hotplates, tanks, etc.

Bill Ritchie's comment: For many years before I met him I knew about Conrad presses and, in fact, I would have bought one had I not instead designed the Halfwood Press for myself. In 2013, I met him and his son in San Francisco at the Southern Graphics Council International Print Conference.

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