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Paul Calantropo Collection

"After Rembrandt"

Specifications: 2015. Print. 6 X 4-inches. Intaglio on Arches cover paper. Sanguine Charbonnel ink. Signed lower right. Moment number 1512292037.

Artist's comment: Paul ordered After Rembrandt on Etsy in June, 2018. He is a fine jeweler, and wrote that he was interested in buying a Mini Etching Press, also he wondered if he could buy a pre-etched plate like the one used in making this print. This 6” x 4” monoprint was printed with the Intaglio printmaking method in sanquine on Arches Cover paper. It is signed in the lower right corner. It was sent to Paul in a display 10" x 8" frame suitable for hanging. My comments are printed on the back label, “For a startup idea based on famous artists’ prints. The idea was Sip N’ Print and featured ready-made plates. One was Rembrandt’s etching, Self-portrait in a cap. I printed these for six months, one night a week, at a bar by my studio.”

The video showing another print from this plate is online:


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